Who We Are

Court-flow is a patented amendment to the regular tennis court. The system is a gentle slope at the back of the court which leads to a second slope (gutter) which lets the balls roll towards a collection area.

The system allows tennis sessions to flow better with less time wasted and fewer injuries.

Court-flow can be integrated on any surface and also on multiple courts. A cover is also available so that when playing with just a few balls, the balls are always ready for you in the right place with minimum of fuss.


When using a 50 ball basket collecting balls can take up to a third of your lesson time collecting balls.While a break from play is of course necessary, the time is far better spent relaxing at the side of the court with a refreshing drink and a chat with the tennis professional.

Children’s group lessons can be totally disrupted during the ball collection phase. Even the best behaved junior players find collecting balls boring; Court-flow allows children to concentrate on the best part of the lesson, hitting balls and learning about the game.


Tennis balls on the court is one of the most common tennis injuries. Once you roll your ankle on a tennis ball the ligaments are never as strong again. Neither is the mind. During a crucial point it’s important to have your mind on the ball in play, not the ball behind you.

Court-flow keeps balls which hit the back fence at the back, and you in a safer environment.

More efficient

Tennis lessons are not cheap and much of the lesson time is spent collecting balls. We calculate that as much as a third of a lesson can be spent picking up balls, this time ought to be utilized in the way which the tennis professional chooses, not wandering around collecting errant balls.