An uncontested divorce is a dissolution of marriage case in which both parties are in complete agreement as to every aspect of their divorce, including asset distribution, debt allocation, maintenance, and, if children are involved, custody and support. Traditional divorce cases can drag on for months, if not years, and can be very expensive. However, if you and your spouse are able to reach an agreement as to all elements of your divorce, you can use Serall Chezem law firm to facilitate your divorce in a prompt, professional manner, and at a reasonable flat-fee.

I handle your Missouri uncontested divorce quickly, professionally, and at a reasonable expense. As an experienced St. Louis divorce lawyer, I know the questions to ask and the problems to be looking for when spouses are looking for a quick and amicable resolution to their marriage. I do not provide advice as to how to “win” your divorce or get one over on your soon-to-be ex-spouse. I make sure your uncontested divorce covers all the areas that need to be addressed in a divorce case and then draft the high-quality pleadings necessary to reflect the agreement reached between you and your spouse, all at a reasonable flat fee. I, not a paralegal or first-year associate, draft your pleadings with care and attention to detail. This meticulous approach reduces the likelihood that you will end up in court at some point after the divorce has been finalized, debating a dispute that has arisen due to ambiguous or sloppy drafting.

I do not accept an unsatisfied client, period. My uncontested divorce service requires hard work and a dedication to a positive client experience, but the process itself is simple – if you provide the information, I will provide the result – a clean, professional, and fast uncontested divorce. No delays, no excuses, and no hidden or additional fees. Your calls and emails won’t ever be ignored and you’ll never wonder what the status of your divorce case is. You’ll hear from me each step of the way and I will return your calls and emails, every single time, in a prompt manner.

Please feel free to call my cell phone at 314-374-6715 (office number 636-397-8001) for more information. I do not charge for an initial consultation and I will work with you to find a time to meet at your convenience.